Monday, October 15, 2007

Sports :: End of season 2007

Out of my sports masterplan I kinda fullfilled only the last important step - taking part in the Lithuanian Cup 2007, 2day event, which drew ~800 competitors from smth 5 countries this year. I started in men elite category, and before the start aimed for top25 (42 entrants). But in fact I felt very slow and exhausted already after first 20min of competition. Even the two sips of 40% "energy" drink before the start didn't help... (weather was freezing;) Took 28th (12.4km course) and 38th place (5.8km course) on day 1 and day 2 respectively. In the final standings (cummulative) I was 30th which aint too bad. Good party on Friday evening and tough sauna with jumping into freezing lake on Saturday evening didn't add much to the results either. Some photos coming soon :)
In the current national rankings for 2007 I'm in 40th place with the best improvement compared to the last year (+67 positions:) If I keep average training up whole winter, top25 for the next year would be a tought but still achieveable goal.
Returned home Sunday evening ~6pm, and went straight to bed. This blogger championship was a bit of a nonsense - got up and checked it at 9pm (1hour before the start) and it was 1000 players already registered. And there was only one really good prize - for the first ($12k package for the PCA). Other final table prizes were somewhat adequate, but anything less than top10 was plain dissapointing for the whole night without sleep. It is a good freeroll for average American, whose Sunday poker session goes from 3pm to midnight anyway, but for average European it was suicidical. So without hesitation I just gave up the idea of trying and took my chance to rest :) In the morning checked the results out of curiosity - and found out that the tourney finished at 6:15am - so it was 8h+ long marathon for those who final tabled...
Hopefully this week will be more poker oriented and I will manage to squeeze in couple of sessions during the week and also that big bad live tourney on the weekend. Also will try to get used to post some interesting hands from regular cash sessions in the comments.

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