Monday, July 31, 2006

Poker :: subtotal for July

Third month of poker experiment is over. Half of it I spent "in the wild" (read - 'with no internet conectivity') hence fewer playtime. I think its ok month, since I increased my bankroll 2.5 times and am slighltly above where I was at the end of May.

Cash game level : NL $0.25/$0.50
Hourly rate: $4.8

Tournament level : $5 regulars or SNGs
Hourly rate: $1.6
ROI: 129%

For the next month I'll try to keep to as strict bankroll management as possible to prevent crazy downswings which happened in June.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fun :: Budweiser owned sports

Now when I got my conciousnes back... Coming back to sports regime isnt that easy after all. Y'day we had project kick off (a.k.a. project team "blending") party. For such an occassion clients offered us a duel against fresh barrel of Budweiser, straight from the Czechoslovakia. Heads up. We made it in total 76 glases of beer, averaging 4 liters per head (not a bad figure for a job-type meeting) completely owning the barrel. Now when everyone in the team got motivation boost, its time to get back to work.

The only girl of the party :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Poker :: after the break

Because of holiday in Switzerland I had complete absence of poker for 13 days, so I wondered how it will go after I come back. And it went good.
First I took down 9ppl $5 Sit&Go. In July this was my sixth tournament of this type, 3 times I came second, and finally I won one (about 200% of ROI so far:) This win was particularly sweet since I was down to 300 chips in 25/50 level, and managed to double up few times, then got heads up with 3k vs 10.5k. From there I chipped up with no risks up to 8k, eventualy wining it.
Then I entered $11 regular tourney (~550 ppl) in which I was pretty much card dead. I busted out in 150th with AJs vs QJs allin preflop - flop came 89T...
Since it was getting late, and the next day was my first work day after the holiday, I fired up few cash tables "to win the tourney buyin back", and quickly donked one full buyin with two pair vs obvious flopped straight. From there I took it in a normal tight/aggressive manner, and won two full buyins back.
All in all it was $5 / hour rate for the evening so am slowly building the bankroll back towards $0.50/$1.00 HL NL level and the bit more reasonable $15 hourly rate...

Sports :: Swiss O Week

For the last two weeks I was off to Switzerland, Zermatt, for a Swiss O Week competition. Since I felt pretty weak and not prepared well enough, I entered HAL group (men long distance) which is one step below the Elite (top) group, which I used to race in when I did train seriously. The field was pretty tough, 110 ppl in total, and after 6 days of racing and giving my best I took... 74th place :)
Im pretty content with my performance though, because I did not do any big mistakes in a completely unfamiliar type of terrain - very steep, rocky, open with no trees, and my physical preparation surely would not allow me to achieve any better standing.
All in all, 6 competition days and all the resting days used for climbing up the mountains (trips starting at 2200m altitude and finishing at icy lakes at 3250m altitude, also climbing to Breithorn which is 4164m if I'm not mistaken) made up 10 consecutive days of pure training in total, which is a huge boost to my overal fitness level.
I had to do so many re-re-re-tellings of the stories about the trip, disco that finished with the walk in the graveyard, pokemon (a.k.a. small, smiling and waving Japaneseans) trains etc etc so wont repeat myself hudreth time again in here... ;)
Here are few pics from the series "climbing the lady mountain step by step".

Nearing the top

Better not step off the track

Last 20 meters

Woot (me in PS cap:)

Glance to the right (Zermatt)

Glance to the left (Italy)

Next Saturday I'm planning to take 3km trial test to see where I'm at. My goal for the first trial in the planned series is 11'30, but I'll be happy with anything below 12'00.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Poker :: quote of the day

Heads up poker is analogous to a fuck you competition, in which the combatants take it in turns to yell "fuck you!" in increasingly loud voices until somebody runs out of chips.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Poker :: final table, finally

Yesterday was the first Sunday in ages when I didnt have to worry about any deadlines, or works not done, so I knew in advance (before I got out of bed at 1pm), that this day is gonna be a complete-waste-of-time-fest. And waste I did. 30min poker, 1hour sunbathing (+32 outside), 30min poker, eating something, drinking chilly Freixenet that was left from previous night dinner etc... At one point I was about to do some sports even, but thought that would be against the plan of the day (waste'em) , so played more poker instead.
I fired up another $4.4 180man S&G in the evening. The start was very smooth, without any jeopardizing or coinflip situations, and at the first break I was in slight chiplead with 70 players left. At that point the hand grew cold and I just sat there without playing any pots, stealing occasional blind here or there, but not increasing my stack whatsoever. With 25 players left I was noticeably below the average, so when I got QQ under the gun, and got reraised by the button, I pushed, and he flipped AA. I said "gg", and started packing my toys, but I hit my two outer on the river and doubled up. The very next hand I doubled up again with AJ vs AQ on ace-jack flop, and suddenly I was top3 in chips with 18players. I took it solid from there and got to heads-up.

I was determined to win this one, since this was my third HU in this tournament, and the two times before I was happy with second place so back then I pushed any hand and got beat. This time HU went well over 30mins, but Lady Luck turned her ugly rear on me yet again. Most of the time I was about 5:2 to 2:1 ahead, and twice got the opponent all-in with better chances - first time with 63 vs 84 on a A32 flop (4 hit the river), second time QJs vs 78s on a Axx random flop (8 fell on turn). Despite loosing the heads-up I was happy with my play, and so was my batered bankroll with $144.00 for a 2nd. And im definetily NOT playing $0.50/1.00 yet :)
See you at the next final table :)