Friday, October 19, 2007

Poker :: OlympicFestival'07 Main Event

4hours till the beginning. Too bad I haven't got any smart phone with which I could post live updates. So I'll settle for the traditional pen&paper for taking down notes during the tourney, and will post them up here maybe tomorrow morning. Also, am wondering, what are my chances of making it to the day 2 ? :) Very slim most likely.
Had horrible cash session two days ago - down almost 3 buyins. It all started when my 64o lost vs AKs in SB vs BB confrontation with all the money going in on 346 two diamond flop. I knew he's a knit and I'm vs AA/KK/AKs. Too bad the knit got lucky. Then donked off 3 more buyins with AK... I told myself 100 times not to overplay it... But all the cases were in LP vs BB battle, so you cant put villain on AA / set straight away. And flopped two pair aint that bad, is it? :) Battled some back, but that was it. Will take it easy and play some NL4 for a while. Now I'm dead even for October.
Anyway, enough rant, hope beginners luck will follow me in this first big (600EUR) bad (~50 local pros) live tourney for me :)

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