Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sports :: Phat ass on the move!..

Couch potato is striking back! Somehow I realized that regular exercise is really important and after lazy winter I'm gonna do what I failed to do last year - take sports much more serious. I took part in two weekend open training sessions of national orienteering team. Forests are still full of snow, but its already possible to run on the terrain. I did finish both courses, but long absence resulted in terrible performance, horrible physical feeling, etc. Heart beat rate is hyperhigh, and even after 6 hours rest after the exercise it is still well above 80bpm... Well, its the very start, so I should've expected smth like that.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Fun :: Winter Rally

Its horribly cold now. On Saturday me and bunch of friends watched winter rally event. It was first live rally for me and it wasnt too bad. Event didnt have any spectator-oriented infrastructure, there was no info on what is happening on site, but thats pretty much all the drawbacks. It was sunny, it was funny, noone got killed in a carcrash, and 6 hours strolling around the courses in a knee-deep snow + running into the bush when seeing another car coming was good fun. I like :) And our company would like to officially express our pity for that lot of girls who happened to be dragged there by their redneck boyfriends in their festive outfit - winter rally at -15C isnt really the place to show off your would-be-Prada equipment :) As they say, common sense is not so common.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Things :: Back from dead

Yo. Happy new year, pigs & pigettes.
Since I'm losing my ability to write, and 10 different words are enough for my usual daily talk (not counting "mhm", "doh" and "f" sort of words), I decided to update this blog at least twice a week to get things moving.
Recently I finished my prelast semester at university with pretty good grades. Now in 3.5 months I have to finish my master thesis, and I will be done with studies for good, leaving me much more free time for 'real life' whatever that is.
In poker world I'm in stalmate. Early January was very good, I was running over $10 Sit'n'Goes with ROI more than 150%. Then mid January I started to run very poorly, like, getting AK vs A2 allin preflop and praying for a chop pot, and still not getting there. Then I moved to cash tables for a change, where after good start I did blow off another few hundred bucks. So all in all I was up couple of hundreds up in January and am couple of hundreds down in February leaving myself nearly at starting point.
Worth mentioning was my venture to MTTs last weekend, where out of 3 played tournaments I did run pretty deep in two of them (40th out of 800 in $8 rebuy, and 20th out of 800 in $10 freezout, also was in top 10 with 100 left in another $10 freezout, but busted in ~70). Frustrating thing is that I busted out of all of them getting my chips in being ahead on the flop vs 6outers, and never held up. All those pots might have costed 4figures for me, since final table payouts were pretty good, especially in $8 rebuy (6k for first prize). I should try more MTTs coming weekends.
For the rest of the February I wont try to get creative, just play my daily four $10 SnG's on workdays, and some on weekend as time allows.
When I withdrew all my money from PartyPoker account, I invested them in EasternEurope and Russia funds, also bought some China 3-year bonds lately (bonds which are connected with stocks, ie their expected profitability is much much higher than simple bonds, but its more risk involved). During January my portfolio went up by $100, which is kinda nice.
I think my long term goal should be to be able to retire by the age of 30 :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fun :: Freetime party

Its a bit sarcastic, but this years edition of new year job-party (dont know the english word for the party that employer gives to its employees) was themed "Freetime". Like everyone's having any of it ;) It turned out to be fun with lots of things to do - music performances included covers of Norah Jones (boring but worked well to start talking & drinking amongst ppl), then followed Madona and finally Robbie Williams. After that some random DJs kept ppl awake till the morning. For side events one could take part in Arabic nights with lots of hookah going round, watch silent movies, try out hunting with e-guns, get a massage and so on, dont think I tried every room there was on offer. Whole place was full of baloons (gazillions of them) which you had to burst, and inside one of the baloons there was a "grand prize" for the night, which was kept secret. When some midlle-aged lady came to claim the prize, she found out that this prize is taking a bath of champagne in front of the whole crowd :) Too bad she became quite shy and seemingly didnt enjoy this prize to its fullest potential ;) Afther that our enterprise's president was forced to show an example of courage and take this bath too. He did much better job, bruised his head a little while diving into it, but luckily it was no serious injury.

Erica Jennings (a.k.a. Madonna) on stage ; overview of the party

Mantas (Robbie) and the "Hot Fudge" ; yaaaaya :)

Mr. President & Champagne

Cake for the night