Monday, October 30, 2006

Fun :: La Music Awards ' 06

Jagshemash! Since there isn't anything interesting happening nowadays, here I'm posting few pics from one realy awesome party two weeks ago. It was a traditional 'yearly' event for our (IT) and one another (definitely more sexy) - Finance - department. Everyone who took part in this event was assigned to one of the five teams (one month in advance), which competed for the so called 'best team' prize.

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Contemporary gangsta woman

The whole event started with 3hour long "treasure hunting" tasks. By completing these tasks teams were able to find out the exact location of the party (waaaayyyyy outside the city). Then, after all the teams successfully gathered at the place, both physically and mentally challenging exercises followed for the 'points', which, ironically, determined the best music team:) Take into account the industrial amounts of booze we consumed during "treasure hunting" part and even the easiest exercises, such as "drink 50cl of brandy then crawl backwards 15meters", start to look f**ing impossible;)

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Yet another hot member
of "Sexually Extreme Blondes" team

Later into the night each team had to perform their live song, and also to demonstrate the music clip (the 'homework' part). After that the 'points' were summed up. All the winners and losers in different categories were announced, and the live performance of an infamous rock band "Shut the light" marked the start of the real partying. More music, more drinking, more dancing, less clothing, blah blah yada yada, you know, from dusk till dawn :)

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Performance of my team "2.30am"
(i'm on the <----)

Despite of virtually nonexistant singing and choreography skills, we still did manage to win the most coveted prize for the "best live performed song" :) Our choice was a stadium-type song with good (good = loud:) beat, three repeating chords, custom lyrics and .. it was great i think :) K.I.S.S. - keep it simple, stupid - approach worked out perfect once again.

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"Snail's Gang", the winners in the best outfit category
("sporty" chavs and chavettes ;)

Since majority of this blog's readers (two out of three that I'm aware off;) comment on lack of girl pics and therefore lack of relevant content on the site, this last pic is just for you, whiners :) pm me for a full size version ;)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fun :: Autumn leaves

How often do I look, but do not see?
How often do I listen, but do not hear?
How often do I make love, yet do not love?

Life is getting bitter...

Stop listening for once!! Did you HEAR what I said? Life is getting BETTER =)

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(click for BIG;)

Sorry for bullsh*t, cant help myself sometimes ;) Try going outside and kicking some fallen leaves instead of reading stupid blogs to understand what is all this about :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Poker :: Justinville poker night

Show pictures or it didnt happen! So here are some screenies from our last weekend's friendly game. We played some usual 6handed SnG. By now most of the players know that fullhouse is better than flush and that two pair doesnt beat straight.

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Nature morte

It is me in this photo (two hands:) finishing the chilli meal while everyone else is taking a smoke break in the balcony. Healthy way of living for the win! As you can see, the blinds have just risen to 20/40. The white-and-black-brick-resembling device on the southern end of the table is our tourney clock. The orangeish fluid in the glasses is Campari + grapefruit juice + icecubes, pretty welcome change to the usual 0.5 liter of Ballantine's per head :)

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Blues are worth 50 each, so its 300/600 level already. Our tourney structure allows maximum luck combination ;) The knocked out players have to serve the ones still in the game (coffee / drinks / foot massage etc ;) so busting in the early levels could hurt some of the egos indeed!

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Headz up

Basically its just what the title says :) Me in the far background, dealer on the left, villain on "this side" of the photo.

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Woot, ace rag!

With blinds 500/1000 and 9000 chips in play total, its party time, allin pretty much every hand. Sorry, but A2 still no good vs ATs :)

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Joy of the suckout

It's over because its 4am and 34s hit runner runner straight vs T7s flopped top pair:) Till the next time, take care:)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Poker :: October checkpoint

I'm on a roll. With less than 30 hours played the set goals for October have already been ahieved. Now I'm grinding the $50 tables with occasional shot at $100 with good success. If things go well and I'll manage to shut down the inborn donkiness of myself, early November I might go up to the $100 as the default limit even. Good to see that this little poker experiment is starting to pay off the time and money invested :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fun :: Gogo Absolute

Tjenare from Sthlm =) I'm down here with a week-long bussiness trip, meeting some very cool as well as some very funny AND unprofessional colleagues. Everything is great except the damn expensive beer and terrible food which we're getting for lunch in those self catering cantines. Hotel breakfast and evening meal (my fav was steak made from argentinian black cow meat) makes up for that though :) On the last night double checked the location of Sthlm international casino, which I found out was only two blocks away from my hotel, hoorray :) This time I did not play anything since there was plenty of what to do anyway and taking a break from poker is rly good sometimes.

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Coolest and coolest place to get a drink ;)

Monday, October 02, 2006

WoW :: Bye bye mr troll pie

This is what I grinded down to... Full epic troll hunter with something 650 agility unbuffed, best of BWL, most AQ40, and one Naxx item :)
Since my life is getting strangely free of long term injuries nowadays (probably I should blame quitting the pro-sports for it;) , sitting daylongs in front of the PC became the least desirable option. So I quitted WoW raiding, got my guild rank demoted, and now am wondering if I should give a shot to the upcoming expansion set. Damn, right now I can think of 101 better ways to spend 500 hours which would be needed for that =)

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Wakkawakka [Transcendence], Kor'gall EU