Saturday, November 04, 2006

Poker :: Reevaluating things

So October is over and it seems I got the flow finally :) Some statistics from my uber poker excel sheet:

* the set goals were achieved by ~140%
* 4 losing sessions (total of 8 buyins) , good improvement from ~10+ losing sessions on previous months
* mostly grinding $50 tables, totaling 60 hours for a $17 / hour average rate
* assuming its 300 hands / hour (4 tables * 75 hands), it makes 11,3 BB / 100 hands

I am having some free time issues at the moment, so I wouldn't like to set steep goals for November. Crucial thing would be to move up to $100 tables and start feeling comfortable there. If I don't do anything stupid, my current bankroll should be sufficient for that. Official goal for November is 150% growth comparing with actual October result.

On the side note, I got a sallary raise recently, so majority of my income still comes from working in the banking domain. Moving up to $200 should solve this so I could start working just for fun and for some additional pocket money finaly. It is called Vegas dream, isn't it? ;)

Oh yes, and I'm on final year of Masters studies aswell :) Did I mention the free time issues? ;)