Thursday, October 11, 2007

Poker :: Beckoning Bahamas

PokerStars launched Step SnG satellites to the PCA tourney which is great news, since they are running all around the clock, whereas the "regular" satellites are scheduled for pretty retarded times... The only one worth playing from "regulars" is kinda $175 double shootout at 6:55 in the morning...
The PCA Step SnG sattelites are 6-step series, with final - 6th step - awarding 3 seats to the PCA (6th step is a $2100 buyin 18man SnG). Its a bit expensive so while doing my second cash session in October, I pulled only 3 cash tables up, and one SnG sat starting at Step3 ($82 buyin). Session went great - was more than 2 buyins up in cash, and also took down the Step3 SnG so now I have a ticket to the step 4 ($215) Three more lil steps... Hope I dont get excited and take one small step at the time :P Total investment to the PCA sats so far $123 :)
By the way, as Pokerstars launched these step satellites quite recently, there were no players signed up for 6th step. But there was some activity already in Step5, so in few weeks there should be (hopefully) a blowup in these SnGs :)

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