Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sports :: May the force be with you

Alright boys and girls, today it was first day this season when I actually felt like running. It was minor city evening league event (takes place every Tuesday and Thursday), 8.5km course, runability was very good in most parts, ~100m of climb, and I finshed it @ 5:22/km pace. I placed third for the first time this season in the elite group, which is not smth to brag about, since most sportsmen dont take these events seriously at all, but still, I made only one 40sec error towards the end of the course in a dense vegetation area, and apart of that it was just very fluent race.
Also, its 2+ months when I'm training regularly, and my body starts to adapt a little already. Heart beat after good nights sleep is 42-45 bpm, 1hour after exercise it drops to 60bpm, and during easy training it doesnt rise above 150bpm anymore. At the moment my usual week consists of 4-5 training sessions with 0:50-1:10 of running each.

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