Saturday, May 26, 2007

Poker :: Ding! GoldStar

Recently there was 10billion hand anniversary at PokerStars, so I took opportunity on their 25% deposit bonus to take another shot. Things went well this time. In several days time I got enough FPPs for the GoldStar VIP status, which I achieved for the first time (I was twice SilverStar VIP before). Now I need to keep this status for two more months for the deluxe poker chip set to boost our home game quality :)
As the game itself, I feel I'm playing quite good at the moment. I made it back to green for the $50 tables, moved up to $100, and am crushing them for 15BB/100hands since. It may be a temporary rush, but I'm already 30% through to be bankrolled enough for the $200 tables. My goal is to hit $10k of the bankroll and play NL$400 before any cashouts. I feel NL2/4 won't be THAT much tougher.

One interesting hand from my last session. Would you make a laydown here?

- EP (stack $85) raise $4 (read - very solid & tough player)
- me (MP; stack $100) call with 88
- LP (stack $100) call
- everyone else folds; pot $13,5
FLOP - J 8 4 rainbow
- EP check
- me bet $7 (pot $20,5)
- LP call
- EP minraise to $14 (pot $41,5)
- me call
- LP minreraise to $21 (pot $62,5)
- EP push allin (pot $129,5)
- me ???

Reminder: my read for EP is very solid; LP player I don't know.

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