Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun (not) :: 6 days till big showdown

Hey hey. Few hours ago I made last changes to my master thesis. Final version is a 126 pages long beast called "Software process assessment and improvement". Next Monday I'm having presentation at National Exam Commission, where in 15min timeframe I'll have to convince a group of PhDs that this thesis is somewhat original, somewhat inovative, something worth to give master degree for.

Having written this wall-of-china-of-text during the last 6 weeks it is hard to stop all of the sudden, so step by step I'm going to recap on things that happened since New Year and update this dying blog in retrospect.

So if anyone wants to wish me luck for next Monday, feel free to do so, you know how to pm me ;) It wont go unnoticed at the great boozeing that will follow if I pass :)

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