Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sports :: Kauno relays

So today (informal national liar's day:) first big relay of the season took place. It was in usual 3leg format. I was assigned to run for the first leg of a second team of "OK Azuolas" (name of our club, meaning "orienteering club oak" which is a bit generic:) Each leg was 8.5km long and there were 29 teams running the mens elite course. Since my current shape doesnt allow me to do any warmup (I need to conserve energy for actual race;) , I did some stretching just few seconds before the mass start:

The race itself went good, after about 1/4th of the course I was among top10 (because main "train" lost 1-2minutes on first control, which I found perfectly) but later on I couldnt and wouldnt keep the high pace, and finished in ~22th or so, loosing ~10min to leader, and ~5-6min to the main group. Ah, here I'm taking the right turn while punching the spectator control (dead tired, am I not? :)

Our club (first team) was leading after two legs with 3min margin to the second place, but one donkey completely forgot that he was registered and didnt arrive to the competition at all. So we had to let our (second team) anchorman run for the first team, which he bravely did, but he managed only the 13th place (loosing 20+ minutes:)
Too bad, cause the competition had 2min video coverage on the national TV in the main news, and it would've been nice to get our club's name into publicity some more.

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