Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sports :: Moletu Relays

Traditionally all the relays are packed towards the start of the season. So after a short break second competition took place today. As you can see from the pictures, weather went nuts - one week ago it was sunny and hot, and today it was snowing and freezing. This time I had to run first leg for the top team of my club. I was feeling alright, but fucked up everything bigtime right from the beginning when I lost my SI card. It happened it in a very silly way - at the start countdown (15sec... 10sec... 5sec...) I made a snowball and throwed it forwards when start went off, and my SI card went off the finger also :) I figured that I dont have any SI card when we were nearing the first control, so had to return (against stream of runners, since I was in front of the pack) to start to replace it, resulting in 6min loss. After that I ran alone most of the course, and started to overtake last teams just before the spectator control. All in all I was behind 8mins to the fastest time, and my teammates couldnt make up for it (we finished in ~7-8th place, cant remember exactly).

Start. As you can see I'm running without SI card already :p
(on my right hand, there's only white glove:)

Random shot of a control

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