Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sports :: Autumn masterplan

This is the list of competitions I plan to take part in on the second half of the season. Bolded are the "important" ones.

Jul20LTU championship in mountain running (8km) (definetily not my fav:)
Aug10-12 Visaginas 3x4 (4courses, 2 of which sprints)
Aug15-19Bohemia 5days CZE
Sep1LTU sprint championship
Sep2LTU Clubs' Cup (only important if I run for the first team)
Sep8Vilnius marathon (will run half-marathon most likely)
Sep16"Zalgiris" Cup (middle)
Sep22LTU marathon championship (orienteering)
Sep30Alytus Cup (middle)
Oct6-7Svento Cup (long and middle)
Oct13-14LTU Cup (long and middle)
Oct20LTU night orienteering championship

Added to that are the usual Tuesday/Thursday evening series that will resume from summer break early August and will go through to early October.

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