Monday, September 18, 2006

Poker :: Slowly but surely

Yo, got a bit lazy last month about updating. Did a lot of travelling, so was /afk most of this time, and did not play too much poker. And ye, i'll add the screenshot of my WoW toon too. Soonish:P
Few thoughts about "patience" in poker. There are two different kinds of patience - first one is short term patience, and more or less can be defined as playing TAG style. Rush thou must not, as Yoda would say. Avoid tilting, dont play J8s, and basically stick to solid poker. Its the easy part and most ( or at least many ) players do that.
The other patience is long term, and after getting broke twice and making some conclusions, I think this second kind of patience is even more important and harder to develop. It is about staying at current limits until you REALLY have the bankroll ( regardless the skill ) to move up so you can feel completely comfortable and be ready to take 4-5 bad beats at the next limit.
So finally after grinding my teeth off and overcoming vast amounts of donkiness and runner-runner outdraws at the 0.05/0.10, yesterday I moved up to 0.10/0.25, and won half a buyin there. So it was a true weee-session and confidence builder =)

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