Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Poker :: In pigs we thrust

I created a account to see what is the world like outside What I found there is that $0.10/0.25 on Party is even more soft than PokerStars (can you believe this?:) It took 12 hours to get used to interface and not get broke while betting random amounts with that god-knows-how-it-works-slider, but during those 12 hours I also managed to go up and cashout my first ever B. Franklin :) Woohoo, so that would cover my deposit, and made my goal for September complete - playing at $0.10/$0.25 and cashing a lil.
I also played one tournament, $5 rebuy $15k Gtd on Party, where I finished pretty deep - 65th out of 1300+ , for a little profit (I did buyin for $46 in total cause of early gambooling, and then got back $54 for my performance:), but dissapointingly busted out with 67o vs A3o trying to steal the BB from SB. I was pretty much shortstacked at that point, but not yet totaly desperate for sure. If my JJ would've worked a lil better before that, I might have had a real shot to final table or top3 even...
Since the end of September is drawing near, here are the goals for October - double up the bankroll and start playing $0.25/$0.50, cashout at least 2 x Franklin.

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