Monday, August 07, 2006

Poker :: success or suck-sess?

Yo, this will be a whine-post. And at the end you will find the dumbest hand I ever ever played in cash games.

I haven't cashed out in 10 SNGs in a row. Now some of them I just played bad. And these were all-ins preflop in quite late stages of SNG (on the bubble or just before the bubble):
Me with QQ calls an allin of A7. Ace on the river.
Me with 88 puts allin shortstack with 77. 7 hits the flop.
Me with KK puts allin shortstack with 23. 23x on the flop.
Me with A8 pushes allin and gets called by big stack T8. Im terrified cause I knew T would river, and it did.
AA vs QQ - lost
AA vs KQ - lost
...list continues...
Crap, how can one play following some strategy or tactics or whatever, when at the end of the day 5 out of my 6 pocket aces lost headsup allin preflop?
Good thing I didnt went tilting though this time, so my bankroll had suffered a big hit but is not totaly crippled.

Now the dumbest funny hand. Happened in cash games.

I am in the big blind with JJ. We have 3 limpers, button raises to 4BB, small blind folds, I reraise 10BB, one limper calls, button calls.
Flop K92 (one spade). I bet out 8BB, limper calls, button reraises allin. I fold, limper calls.
Turn - J of spades. I start banging my head to the wall.
River - rag of spades. Limper shows 94spades and takes down the pot (>3 full buyins), button shows KQ.

Now beat that :)

PS in the evening there was a big storm outside, with thunder and stuff, and one of the lightnings broke the alarm system of my house so it started blocking the DSL line thus cutting me off the internet and puting an end to my suffering =)

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