Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fun :: Tilting 'n' Wiping

Everything is cool :)

* Poker is going downhill strongly, looks like I'm gonna finish August in red (a.k.a. "losing month"). So I'm taking a break from it and am playing only some occasional tourneys from time to time just for fun. When I get back that winner's instinct, I'll give it a shot again of course.

* To fill in some sleepless nights I reinstalled the WorldOfWarcraft (WoW) and am playing on my lvl60 full tier2 hunter (622 agility unbuffed, beat this :o) So at least in this activity I'm quite ahead of TillerMan :) To speak in poker terms, it looks like he is playing somewhere at $1/$2 stakes guessing from the looks of his mage and nub user interface ;) Just for info, my char is WakkaWakka on EU Kor'gal server. A troll.

<... ill try to extract 3D model and paste it in here ... >

* Last weekend I did that "lost in space" thing - I went on a three day long roadtrip with only a vague idea where or why I'm going. It turned out to be very fun, and included a birthday party, stoopid country festival, orienteering race (2 courses in 1 day, totaling for 2hours10mins of pure pain), overnighting in a random stationary trainwagon on a lake shore, visiting Chernobyl type nuclear plant, almost drowning with my car while driving through a bog and few other great things.

* As for Saturday 3k time trials, still havent done a single one :(

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