Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sports :: Off to Jukola

Heading off tomorrow early morning to Finland for my second Jukola relay. We'll have three days before the competition to do some finnish terrain training and beer drinking. The big thing starts Saturday evening. I will run for the third team of another lithuanian club "Takas-3". My team basically consists of veterans (over 50y old) and single runners from other clubs like me without a team. I was assigned to run last - 7th - leg, and being anchorman for any team is a challenge by definition. Bad thing is that my start will be early Sunday morning and I'll have to skip most of the competition and go have some sleep. Also most likely it'll be mass-start - more than 2000 runners from slow teams will head off to the forest, so beginning of the course will be more like rugby match than orienteering. If everyone from my team does brilliant run though we might be just fast enough so I could start in normal way, before mass-start. Okay, bus is leaving in 9 hours, I'll still have to do some shopping, packing and get some sleep :)
Updates on SEB sports party, Jukola and ongoing poker rush next week, when I'm back from Finland.

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