Thursday, December 21, 2006

Poker :: Back in black

OK, last month was pretty f*ck*d up. Lots of work, then another leg injury cause of overuse caused me to lay in bed for one week. Thus social activity was pretty dull with no new dates, no crazyness, well, lets just call it "real life variance" :) Did not play any poker at all for 3 weeks. However in last few days started moving chips forth and back once again. I had one live session 5handed which went for 8 hours until 3am, and 4 hours six tabling $50 cash tables on PokerStars for $10/hour rate. Got few pretty sick beats but luckily was able to pull it back into black :) Plan for the rest of the year is to keep that puny SilverVIP status on PStars (roughly ~3000 hands so that is another 8 hours of sixtabling) without decreasing the bankroll. Omg and it is Christmass approaching, need to go out to buy presents for everyone right now...
By the way, the winnings that I withdrew from PartyPoker account I'm going to invest into two SEB highest risk funds, and am expecting 30% increase over the 2007 :)

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